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UPDATES: So What’s Popping At UrbanAlchemy360?

Hello Everyone,

Wow! Last year really showed us that all bets are off and anything can happen. But, a new spring upon us, we should also take great pains to remember that this planet still left YOU and ME here to continue to build legacies. We can only do it together. We are still a selective and private company but, if you reach out to me or my squad, we will reach back with both arms. Whatever your dream or life goal, I promise to use our gifts to quietly (or boldly) help you attain it.

If your wondering why I haven’t been as active on Social Media is because I have been quietly focused on the WORK and taking a page from the play Hamilton to “Talk Less. Smile More”. :-)

So what’s popping at UrbanAlchemy360?

For the COMMUNITY!...

We recently helped launch the "ENERGIZING OUR FUTURE" Campaign with Groundwork, San Diego, Increase Clean Energy (ICE), and the Los Chollas Community of San Diego, as they “TAKE THE PLEDGE” for conservation and clean energy. This project is led by our own Curator of Genius, TheItGirl -- Adria Fox. UA360 also designed and produced their mission to create one of the first Zero-Net Energy urban communities in North America.

www.facebook.com/GroundworkSD - “Take the Pledge”

For the MIND!...

GGI (George Greenstein Institute) has expanded as an excellent Consultant Resource for businesses, companies, and schools interested in improving learning, living & leadership with the brain in mind as well as strategic consulting and research services for product innovation and knowledge transfer. GGI also recently announced our 2017 Diversity Intelligence Initiative.

We also produced another (our 6th) cool little cocktail social/mixer/thinktank event, called Inventio!Brains!CHATS with Dr. M.A. Greenstein, of GGI at Rotolab in Downtown Los Angeles. Food, Drinks and witty brains. Great minds and great conversations. The theme this session was "HEAL".

*We are excited to announce expanding the Inventio!Chat program to San Diego, CA coming in 2017. (You really should come to the next one).


For the HEART!...

We helped build and re-launch the Ignite What's Right™ movement with Founder, Helice "Sparky" Bridges, creator of the Blue Ribbon Movement that has affected over 40 million people worldwide. We want to engage and acknowledge what’s working in the World rather than what isn't. The UA360 team have all received our training and are now Certified Blue Ribbon Ambassadors™, joining in the mission to ignite "One Billion Dreams by the Year 2020".

Watch Sparky's TEDTalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjDv4Vrk9aY  

Sixteen-year-old Anthony Conti, a Boston native, suffered from Stage 4 Adrenal Cancer. He dreamed of writing and starring in his own film. Make A Film Foundation granted that wish. While sadly, he lost his battle before he was able to view the finished film, he was able to view an advance screening in his hospital bed. 
The zombie thriller stars Johnny Depp, Laura Dern, J.K. Simmons, David Lynch, Richard Chamberlain, and was directed by Kathryn Hardwicke and Sam Raimi, joining many others who volunteered their time make his wish come true.
The Premiere of his film, "The Black Ghiandola" will screen in his hometown of Boston, MA on April 10th at 6 pm and in Los Angeles, CA on April 22nd at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 
Tickets are available: https://makeafilmfoundation.ticketleap.com/make-a-film-foundation-benefit-premiere-of-anthony-contis-the-b/details


UA360 Founder, Mailon Rivera has been invited to the Board of the Make-A-Film Foundation, an amazing 501(c)3 organization founded by director/producer, Tamika Lamison. The MAFF teams film, television, and entertainment industry professionals with children faced with serious or life-threatening medical conditions, helping them to create short film legacies.

We are currently working on a brand new site/social media and will be launching soon.


For the SOUL!… 

As a former foster child and street kid, one of my personal goals is to help eradicate generational poverty by building bridges to the kind of real-world financial literacy, life coaching, emotional counseling, non-linear education, and real-world opportunities that can build and rebuild LEADERS in business, tech, the arts and entrepreneurialism as well as fundamental “secret/not secret” life-skills training that can support second chances for at-risk youth and adults.

To that end, we partnered with developer, Mr. Richmond McCoy of UrbanAmerica, and are currently seeking qualified property locations to develop and build the"UA Innovation and Life Technology Center™", a Live/Work/Learn Business Incubation and Housing Community located in areas that the Department of Housing and Development (HUD) has designated as "Promise Zones" using NMTC (New Market Tax Credits) funding.


And, just for FUN!...

My "deep, resonant and mellifluous" voiceover was recently featured in the upcoming series IRON FIST for Marvel/Netflix at New York Comic-Con. The exhibit and feedback were AMAZING (not so sure about the series, though). Shout out and thanks, Jackie Steele.


Oh, AND... we have your *FREE Hoodies and Tee's!...

... available for any love donation to UrbanAlchemy360 over $25 and $50. Check out on the website or direct from our FB Page. They look great. Plus they're quality, comfy and it helps us continue to help others while you look stylish. Our way of saying "thank you".


The good news is that our new partnerships and events are amazing, expand our vision and is as good for your brain, heart, and spirit as it is for social change. More good news is that we are meeting more people who reinvent how authentic collaborations can be utilized to empower each other and putting dreams into ACTION!.

The bad news is that I'll be a little slow to respond to emails.

If you want to write about UrbanAlchemy360º, or if you want to get involved, you'll find everything here:

email: hello@urbanalchemy360.com
Social Media: @urbanalchemy360


Mailon Rivera
Founder, Creative Director

VP of Philanthropy

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