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UA360 Partners w/ Reign & Associates and Nick Cannon Foundation for DGWC Initiative

UA360 Partners w/ Reign & Associates and Nick Cannon Foundation to Launch the DGWC Initiative

Last week we watched educators show their LOVE for educators. Their goal — was to assure that youth are exposed to the tools necessary for success and encouraged to thrive; that comes with many paths. One path is the Council for Opportunity in Education - COE. Urban Alchemy got a birds-eye view of the incredible work being done across the Nation for our youth at the COE Annual Conference recently held at The Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA.

We love, love, love non-linear education. So, we teamed up with REIGN & ASSOCIATES and used the platform to officially launch UA360's “Doing Good With Commerce Initiative“ to benefit the NICK CANNON FOUNDATION with the help of our friends at EVENT MOTORING.

Through “DGWC”, we provided the opportunity for conference attendees to “Crack the Vault” and win an absolutely gorgeous, fully customized MERCEDEZ BENZ. The best part is the proceeds got to benefit some great causes for the Nick Cannon Foundation. But, we were not done...

The COE was kind enough to allow the Foundation to contribute a segment in the program. We called it “The Art of Storytelling and Community Building”. The room was filled with a passionate and participative audience and proved to be one of the most popular programs at the event.

We began with an informative presentation by career educator, Dr. Shirley Peterson, engaged the audience with amazing lessons in the power of acknowledgment by Helice “Sparky” Bridges of Founder of Difference Makers Intl. and Ignite What’s Right! who presented each person with Blue Ribbons, then we closed with solid practical wisdom and actionable solutions from our esteemed guest speaker, Mr. James Cannon of the Nick Cannon Foundation.

The event was facilitated by Ms. Adria Fox-Williams and was produced by actor/producer, Mailon Rivera of URBAN ALCHEMY 360, who earnestly invited the audience to lead the charge in building new leaders and creating new opportunities in business and entertainment.

Thank you and SALUTE! to Eric Tims, Murad "Mo" Damina, and Emil Petrosyan and the EVENT MOTORING team for their support in making this pilot program successful.

UA360 is on the move to provide more opportunities in our Doing Good With Commerce Initiative (DGWC) for other great organizations.

If you are a company who wants to do more for good causes or to BECOME an Urban Alchemist - Email us: urbanalchemy247@gmail.com


NICK CANNON FOUNDATION - www.nickcannonfoundation.org
REIGN & ASSOCIATES - www.reignandassociates.net
EVENT MOTORING - www.eventmotoring.com
IGNITE WHAT'S RIGHT! - www.onebilliondreams.com
URBAN ALCHEMY 360 - www.urbanalchemy360.com


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