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DONE, San Diego Testimonial - Soul Wise Coaching


Dr. Kirsten Harrison-Jack is a Psychologist studying and treating trauma disorders and Cecile Ward, a professional sales, marketing, and business specialist with more than 20 years of experience as an Executive Board Director share their thoughts after experiencing the DONE Program at Falcon Crest Estate in San Diego, CA.

Find out more about their program here: http://www.soulwisecoaching.com/

‘DONE’ is a 4-day intensive working retreat. It is specifically designed for you to leave with clarity, media knowledge, marketing materials and a website — plus life changing PERSONAL INSIGHT to launch you into the path of success.

Your DONE experience is more than a mere “working retreat”. It is a transformational life changing experience geared to maximize your potential in this world. The DONE teams are composed of dedicated, passionate transformational experts and highly effective creatives who are committed to seeing your best ideas take shape and take flight.

"DONE - From Idea To Done In 4 Days" is an immersive Work Retreat for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs held at exclusive locations throughout the US and abroad. 

Book Your Space: 323.387.3188 
Web: www.donein4days.com / www.get-it-done.biz
email: urbanalchemy247@gmail.com

The DONE Team: Adria Williams, Renee Kohn (San Diego), Tia Ross, Dale Gottschalk (San Diego), Mailon Rivera

Shot by Dale Gottschalk
Produced, Edited by M. Rivera, Urban Alchemy 360

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