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We want to thank everyone and anyone who has EVER supported Urban Alchemy 360. With your help we have raised awareness for some great causes that will benefit our communities. We have used our talents to help Entrepreneurs and Non-profit Organizations develop. We have helped regular people like you and me have a chance at moving their ideas forward with a supportive and imaginative brain-trust.

Our goal is to empower others as well as ourselves. Our quiet mission is to better the human condition.

With your donation in NOV/DEC we were able to...

1. Design 3 new Logos and Branding elements for new positive and progressive businesses.

2. Mentored at-risk youth who have aged out of the Foster Care system and adults in the community through leadership and advocating Brain Health programs.

3. Expanded UA360's advocacy for Neuroscience and Brain Health for underserved communities as part of the "Inventio!Brains Challenge" Jury Selection Committee. (http://www.greensteininstitute.com/si…/inventiobrains-prize/)

4. Designed and built new website and branding elements for emerging 501c Non-Profit client (www.monarchcfs.org)

5. Began meeting with advisor and hedge fund investor on Business Plans for emerging technologies in effort to create jobs.

6. Supplied dozens of "Blessing Bags" for the homeless of Downtown Los Angeles. (Each bag included shavers, soap, wash clothes, socks, blankets, etc. Two bags were donated directly in your name). * We are taking donations for the next few weeks to do it again. Let us know if you want to participate email angels@urbanalchemy360.com or you can donate direct here to support others doing the work... www.urbanalchemy360.com/donate.html

We want to thank you for believing in our mission. We believe in you too.

- www.urbanalchemy360.com - Social Media - @Urbanalchemy360

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