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Mailon Rivera of UrbanAlchemy360º Joins Selection Jury 


Hollywood, CA, September 16th, 2015 — What is the next adventure for a unique organization like UrbanAlchemy360? Answer: APPLIED NEUROSCIENCE and uplifting brain health and awareness in film, television and the arts. 

Hollywood actor, producer, advocate and founder of UA360º, Mailon Rivera will be part of an esteemed jury panel to include Academy Award winning Motion Picture sound designer, Stephen Hunter Flick, LA based commercial director, Armen Perian, Academy Award Nominated film director and screenwriter Dianne Houston, bioethics, film, and internal medicine, Dr. September Williams, and pioneer in neuro-engineering, Dr. Todd Coleman to launch the Inventio!Brains Prize 2015 GGI Advocacy Initiative! 

INVENTIO!BRAINS PRIZE CHALLENGE was launched by Fulbright scholar Dr. MA Greenstein of The George Greenstein Institute and Dr Jorge Barraza, from the CGU Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Colleges

Challenge Research Themes 2015: Attention, Engagement and Screen Cultures

What: We aim to incentivize arts and neuroscience research in our youth. This year’s
Inventio!Brains Prize is cash award + a one day lab visit to the Zak Lab at the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies. The prize will go to a collaborative team of budding architects, filmmakers, creatives, artists, neuroscientists and technologists to innovate in brain/mind research. 

Who’s Eligible: Collaborative teams of undergrads or graduating seniors majoring in neuroscience, media/film arts, fine arts, tech/engineering, literature or areas of computational/gaming technology under the aegis of a mentor from a college, university or high school lab or studio. 

Inventio!Brains Prize winners will receive recognition as a GGI Fellow. This includes opportunities to be in dialogue with the GGI Brain Trust Advisory Board made up of our award-winning researchers in neuroscience, bio-ethics, bioengineering, urban youth education research, architecture and performing arts. 

Research Designs and Projects will be juried by select members from the GGI Brain Trust and members from the professional neuroscience, film arts and design and technology community. A selected round of finalists will be interviewed by the juried board. 

To learn more about Inventio!Brains Prize: www.greensteininstitute.com/site/inventiobrains-prize

For more info about GGI: www.greensteininstitute.org


Urban Alchemy 360º is a curious collective of collaborators and conspirators that provide creative, producer, and even “ghost” services for film, television, music, charities, companies and artists while performing “Anonymous Good” wherever they can. Visit us: www.urbanalchemy360.com

For more information, media requests and to join the team please call 323-387-3188 or email urbanalchemy247@gmail.com. Follow UA360º on Twitter, and Instagram at @Urbanalchemy360.

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